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Skilled Care

Therapy Services

Extended Stay 

Caring for you after your hospital stay, through your recovery, and even at home. We are Summit View of Rocky Top.


A Post Acute Care Facility

Since 1981, Summit View of Rocky Top has been a mainstay in the Clinton and Norris Communities for skilled services and long term care. We're also proud to serve the larger, East Tennessee Community by offering a wide variety of services including Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapies for outpatients and inpatients alike.

Whether you need a short stay for rehabilitation following a hospital stay, or a longer period of care, Summit View of Rocky Top provides individualized care and attention to help you achieve your maximum level of health, ability, and mobility.

Physiotherapy Session

Our Services


Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy services for inpatients and outpatients!

Skilled nursing services also include wound care, wound vac, IV Antibiotics, and peritoneal dialysis.

Our therapy department is proud to offer the BIG and LOUD programs that have been shown to greatly improve functioning in Parkinson's Disease patients and those with similar illnesses.


We offer long term nursing home care as well as shorter stay, skilled care for those who require specific skilled nursing or therapy.

Our therapy department treats in-patients and out-patients offering physical, speech, and occupational therapy. 

Whether you are coming to us after a hospital stay, or transferring to us from home, we're happy to walk you through the entire admission process.


Our community, both in Rocky Top and inside our facility, has always been tight-knit. We're proud of this, and we have found that the supportive, family-focused environment helps our residents and patients enjoy a more well-rounded and enriched lifestyle. This close-knit atmosphere also extends to our staff, many of whom have been with SVRT for many years and treat our residents like family.


Sometimes, the aging process and various illnesses can create confusion and memory loss.  To ensure the safety of all our residents and patients, we offer a secure unit that allows each individual the comfort and freedom to live as fully as possible without exposure to unnecessary risk. 

Stop by for a tour.  We can give you all the info you need about our secure unit.


While navigating the health insurance maze can be stressful, we can make the process smooth and easy.  We accept most major health insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, Cigna, BlueCross, UHC, UHC Tricare, Windsor, Humana, and more. 

Call us or our case management team for more information!

865-426-2147 or 865-218-6131


We've been part of the local community for over 30 years, and we take great pride in caring, comfortable environment for our residents and patients. 

Our activities department strives to fill each day with fun, enriching events and activities. Our dietary staff prepares home cooked meals suited to each individual's nutritional requirements, and our nursing staff provides warmth and caring along with their clinical duties.

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